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The Maternal and Child Health Bureau issue a call for 2014 Graduate Student Epidemiology Program (GSEP) applications from graduate students interested in applying for an MCH project. Eligible students are those currently enrolled in Schools of Public Health who have successfully completed coursework in Epidemiology, Biostatistics, and Health Administration, and who are specializing in the study of maternal and child health. A panel of reviewers from Schools of Public Health will select the students best qualified for the projects available. Each student will receive a stipend of $4,000 to be disbursed over 3 months, which is intended to cover their living expenses during the period of the project. The MCHB has funds available to cover a maximum of 30 students in the summer of 2014 in state, county- and city-level projects.

GSEP offers graduate students a unique opportunity to apply their classroom skills to real-world data projects, offering state and local agencies valuable technical assistance as they work to enhance their information systems capacity. As of this year, the GSEP has placed over 275 students from 44 Schools of Public Health in over 115 agencies, and it is our hope to continue this successful tradition in 2014.

Projects will be grounded in the following three critical areas of MCH epidemiology:

        Data Analysis and Monitoring. Monitoring of diseases, injuries, and health conditions for their frequency, risk factors, consequences, and health service requirements, and analysis of epidemiological data sets are some of the projects included in this area..

        Needs Assessment. Projects in this area include the systematic analysis, assessment, and projection of health needs and resources in a given population or community.

        Program Evaluation. This area includes the monitoring, collection, and analysis of data to determine the effectiveness or outcomes of a particular program or project.


We thank you for your support of this important program and look forward to working with you.  Please remember that completed applications must be submitted no later than February 14, 2014.


A flyer can be found HERE. The application material may be found HERE.


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